just a little update

whew — and just like that it’s time to get ready to usher in a new year. there have been so many changes in these few short months and lot’s that we’re getting ready to prepare for next year.

  • carter has teeth! this is so exciting :) our little goober has four teeth and a teeny, tiny gap up top. he also grinds them (eek!) hopefully this is a habit he grows out of QUICKLY!

  • carter eats table foods! seriously, this baby is my little foodie heart’s long awaited brunch partner. he is so excited to explore during meal time he has even started to self wean from breastfeeding!

  • carter is mobile! he is pulling up and scooting and crawling all over the place! i have not enjoyed covering up my sexy apartment decor (lots of glass and angles and floor decor) but it’s totally worth it with an active little one all over the place.

  • mister started a new job! he’s now working closer to non profits near the White House, it’s a really cool position where he gets to interact with global and influential leaders. he definitely deserves this role and is looking forward to where this new gig will take him.

  • aiden (big brother) is a straight a student! seriously, i’m so proud of him! he is aceing everything coming his way in every subject. he’s literally the most perfect pre-teen ever. i’m definitely super lucky!

  • we’re so excited for the holidays! i’m hoping to have a mini post up sharing how we decorated our christmas corner in our apartment! it’s our little piece of the north pole :)

  • we’re house hunting! we’re hoping to find a new place to call home very soon! i’m hoping for a new build and mister doesn’t mind a fixer upper, hopefully there’s a middle ground (or a way for me to persuade him my way!)

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