My Pregnancy Skin Routine

I've gotten a fair amount of compliments and questions on how I've been able to keep my skin clear during my pregnancy. The old wives tales will say I can chalk it up to having a little boy, however I know those aren't always true for everyone. I try to stick to natural products when possible to make up for not maintaining a serious regimen. My tips are below!

  • Drink lots of water. This tip goes without saying in general, but is especially important in pregnancy for lots of reasons. Skincare starts from the inside out so making sure your insides are hydrated will help your outsides look healthy and refreshed too.
  • Natural Soaps. I'm a big, big fan of Nubian Hertitage's Goat's Milk and Chai Soap. It works wonders on my skin and complexion and makes it bright and even. It's infused with roses, which also have amazing health benefits for your skin. 
  • Facial Cleansers. I love, love, love Caudalie. I use the Instant Foaming Cleanser and the Micellar Water in between using a natural soap on my face. I'm not sure if alternating soaps works for most people, but it works for me and keeps my skin in a nice balance.
  • Toner. After washing I always use a toner. Lately I've only been using a simple witch hazel, but I'm also a fan of Caudalie's toner as well. 
  • Moisturize. Coconut Oil is my skin's best friend! After washing and toning I will pat my skin dry (I leave it a little damp) and then add a little coconut oil and massage it in. I'll also add in a little Aveeno (literally less than half the size of a pea) into the oil and it makes my skin super soft and supple. I alternate between my coconut oil and Aveeno mixture and Caudalie's Vinosource Sorbet Moisturizer.

No Makeup! Just a little powder to fill in my brows.

I use the tips above daily, but once or twice a month also try to do an at home facial to give my skin a little extra TLC and take some "me time." After washing my face with a natural soap, I use the Dr. Dennis Gross Steamer* and mix a little essential oil into the water for added relaxation. After the steam I gently exfoliate. I typically will either use Apricot Scrub or use the exfoliate on my handheld face brush (I have a generic version of the Mia Clarisonic) with a gentle soap. After exfoliating I apply a clay or hydrating mask, depending on my skin's current needs. I'm oily in summer so my summer mask is usually different than what I'd use in the winter. After masking I use a toner and moisturizer to tighten my pores and re-hydrate. Occasionally I'll use an eye mask in between masking and toning, but that's usually only if I'm lacking sleep or have noticeable puffiness or dark circles.

The facial process can take about an hour to an hour and a half, but is totally worth it! If you have time run a bubble bath while masking for even more relaxing "me-time". 

*Before I had my steamer I would boil water and then transfer it in a metal pot with detox tea leaves and/or essential oils. After that I'd put a towel on my head and lean over the bowl (carefully or it will burn!) for about 10 minutes.