Prepping Our Family for +1

Getting ready for *another* little one has honestly felt more like the first go round than the second. It's been seven years since Aiden was a newborn so John and I are definitely a little rusty in the baby department. 

To help us get ready for baby we've spent a lot of time refreshing our memories with helpful baby sites, articles, and other mom/parent blogs. It's been super helpful in finding new  products and shortcuts that we didn't use with Aiden that we'd like to try out with Carter. I've been going baby-gadget crazy (lol) and have bought quite a few little devices that *supposedly* make mom-life easier. 

We've also been spending time talking with Aiden about the many ways his life will be different with a little brother around the house. It's just been the three of us for so long Aiden is more like a sidekick to us so it feels pretty weird to have to teach everything all over again! We spend as much time with Aiden as we possibly can so he doesn't feel neglected once Carter is here. I ask him if he's ready for the not so fun parts of a baby like crying, difference in attention, and sharing his room and he always says 'yes' and he can't wait to help out. Lucky for us, Aiden has a naturally calm and empathetic demeanor which helps him to understand and want to help with everything baby related.

To prep John for the baby, we've been spending time together talking about our wants and needs for each other in addition to what we think we'll need once he's here. Although this isn't our first baby, this will be our first time with a newborn under the same roof, so we've been trying to anticipate what the other will need to help make the transition smoother once we're all at home.

I've also been trying to prep John for the labor, delivery, and postpartum part of having a baby. When Aiden was born I was living with my parents so we didn't get to experience a lot of new baby things together. (Aiden was also a nearly perfect baby & he never cried at night, so my expectations for Carter are pretty high, lol). My first labor and delivery went pretty normal with minimal complications, the hardest part was dealing with the length (19-hours) and the postpartum side affects. For me,  postpartum was long and pretty rough. I strongly suggest finding a good friend, therapist, or activity to de-stress once baby is born. Not spending enough time on yourself doesn't help the overwhelming feelings that come with PPD, so be sure to try to find a way to balance your needs as well as your family's.


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