old wives' tales

red leaf tea.jpg

i'm so ready to have this baby! carter is still very high and i'm barely dilated with only a few weeks to go until due date. i've been reading a lot of old wives' tales that *supposedly* help naturally encourage labor to begin. i'll list what i've tried below and try to give an update if any of them work!

  • walking- i've been walking for about 30 minutes a day for the last few weeks with very little success. at most i will get a few contractions going but they're typically very mild and don't have any effect on the baby's positioning. 
  • steak dinners + spicy foods- i've had about 3 steak dinners in the last week and spicy foods a few times over the last few weeks. aside from a very happy baby, these haven't seemed to help speed things along either. 
  • yoga ball- i recently tried the very popular ball method which has seemed to help bring him down a bit! carter is so high i often tell people it looks like i have a very large third boob, lol. he sticks out like a bullet and seems to lean on my diaphragm which makes breathing a bit of a struggle most of the time. the ball usually helps drop him lower into my pelvic area but doesn't keep him there. 
  • squats- similar to the yoga ball, squats have helped drop carter lower but doesn't keep him low. squats also made my legs feel like jello for about three days so this isn't a method i think i'll keep up with, lol.
  • red raspberry leaf tea- i haven't tried this yet, but plan to start it a full two weeks before delivery. i haven't read much about it helping to naturally induce labor, it supposedly helps to have a shorter labor by strengthening the uterine wall. my last labor was 19 hours, which isn't *horrible* but i think most moms and moms-to-be can agree the shorter the better.
  • evening primrose oil- i see a lot of back and forth about using evening primrose oil to help naturally ripen the cervix. i've been taking 1000mg by mouth for about a week to see if it helps with either effacement or dilation. i met with my doctor today and so far no luck! since reviews are so mixed, i don't believe epr will help until your body is ready versus helping it get to that point.
  • sex- supposedly three times is the charm! unless you're me, in which case three, five, and ten times won't help bring on the baby.
  • nipple stimulation- my nips are super sensitive so this isn't my favorite method. i've tried this a few times both manually and with the breast pump, neither was favorable for me personally (and obviously didn't work!)

i'd love to hear a few old wive's tales that may have helped some other mama's out there!