my labor + delivery

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carter austin was born a little early at 38 weeks, but a healthy 8 lbs and 21.5 inches. it's hard to believe he was already so big with so much time to go!

i woke up around 5:30 on a monday morning with what i thought were pretty strong braxton hicks contractions. i tried to sleep through them but after getting them every 10 minutes i decided i should get up and get showered just in case. around 6:30, as we were getting aiden up and ready for school my water broke. we called the hospital and raced to georgetown as fast as we could since morning rush hour traffic was right around the corner and would have turned a 30 minute trip into an hour or more.

we got to the hospital a little after 7, and i immediately was set up in labor and delivery. the contractions had slowed down a little by this point but since my water had broken i had to be admitted. i didn't want to feel a thing during the delivery so i had my epidural going pretty much right after i arrived to the hospital.  i initially considered going natural for carter's birth but now looking back at how long i labored before his delivery, i'm very glad i changed my mind. i labored into the next day after getting stuck at 4 cm and 8 cm for HOURS, finally delivering our beautiful baby boy at 12:27 a.m. 

perez was the perfect support person during the delivery, he was super hands on and did a wonderful job coaching through all the pushes. i don't remember how many pushes it took to get carter here, but i do remember it only took about 20 minutes, which was much shorter than the push time i had for his big brother. 

so far, carter is the cuddliest little boy i've ever met. he's extremely peaceful and easy going, he only cries to feed or if he's very gassy. he's already trying to hold his head up on his own and is very strong considering he's only a few days old. he sleeps pretty well at night and would probably sleep a good 4-6 hours if i didn't need to wake him up to nurse. he loves to have kisses and be nuzzled under his neck, he breaks out into the biggest smile every time. he's the mirror image to his daddy and big brother, hopefully a little bit of mommy's features will come through over time!