maternity leave + getting back to the "old" me

12 weeks after carter's debut and i'm heading back to work. the first four weeks DRAGGED by (i even asked them to email me stuff to do, lol) but the last few weeks have flown past. i had planned on jumping straight back into my old "regular" life (and clothes), but that hasn't been the case. in the 12 weeks i've had i have probably done my hair 5 times and gone to the gym even less. i only treated myself to one manicure and pedicure and i live in yoga pants and stretchy tops. i never imagined i'd fall into the category of "looking like somebody's mom" but right now that's me to a T. after aiden, i didn't look like i had a baby so it was pretty easy for me to maintain myself and keep up with my pre-baby routine. i fully expected round two to go as smoothly as round one, which hasn't been the case.


carter is a pretty easy going baby who sleeps through the night (yay!) but he is very different from his big brother. nursing the second time around hasn't been as fulfilling as the first and (so far) i don't plan on nursing as long as i did initially. also, the first time around i was back in pre-pregnancy clothes about 2 months after giving birth whereas this time around my hips aren't so forgiving. my post-partum hair has already started to shed *insert kim k cry face* and it's totally changed it's texture and manageability to a point that i can't do it myself. i rotate the same 3 outfits and i haven't touched a makeup brush let alone a skin care routine. we eat out a lot more than i'd like us to, mostly because i'm nursing on demand and it takes forever to complete anything within a time constraint. i have been able to get away with my girlfriends a few times sans kiddos (thanks, daddy!) which has helped me feel a little closer to my "normal" self. finding a new normal routine is proving to be more difficult than i anticipated but nonetheless, still rewarding. our family bond has definitely grown closer. we are all pretty self reliant and have our own agendas during the week (even aiden) but now routinely find ourselves bonding together while spending time with carter. thanks to the help of hubs and big brother aiden we'll all find a way to balance our old lives and our new normal.