dealing with disagreements

it's unrealistic to believe that everyday will be full of rainbows and smiles with so many changes in our lives individually and collectively as a family. we do our best to make sure unhappy times happen behind closed doors and away from tiny ears, however, we're human and sometimes anger and frustration gets the best of us.

balancing three unique personalities and their individual needs is a wonderful but exhausting experience, and sometimes balance doesn't exist and disagreements happen. i'm learning the importance of teaching aiden (and eventually carter, too) even though we fight, we love each other very much and will work together to make each other happy. after an argument or disagreement with my husband i always think back to how we handled it and if we set a good example for a healthy way to work through a problem.

for me, it's so important to raise emotionally healthy boys who are aware of what they need and how to respect and address the needs of their friends and future significant others. i want aiden and carter (and any other future little ones) to understand that arguments happen and disagreeing with someone is perfectly okay as long as its respectful. i also want them to understand that it's important to share your needs and feelings before a boiling point and to learn healthy ways to deal with frustrations and disappointments. i have met so many people (men, specifically) who have never learned how to express their emotions when they are frustrated, sad, or disappointed for fear of looking needy or dependent.

it's my goal to raise little ones who grow up and understand that mental and emotional health is just as important as taking care of their physical health, and that their needs and concerns are always valid and should never be suppressed in fear of being misunderstood or judged or otherwise. 

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